A little apple appreciation.

Apple Day/Month is not until October but I wanted to express some love and gratitude TODAY. I love apples, particularly Pink Lady apples for eating. They hold up the longest into the winter months in cold storage and they are firm, crunchy, and delicious. 

This past weekend our family made a little Covid outing (really just a car ride anywhere counts as an outing in these days) to Paulus Mt. Airy Orchard in Dillsburg, Pa. We came home with a half bushel because apple slices and cheddar cheese are our family's go-to evening snack. And popcorn. We've also got a thing for popcorn. 

I am so very grateful that I live in a place where apple growing is very popular and I can purchase locally grown fresh apples for eating and baking most of the year (thanks to cold storage). 

Apples are so versatile. Did you know we use diced dried apples made from locally grown apples in two of our granola recipes? In our paleo Adventure Granola and our Almond Apple Cinnamon oat granola. We source these from Three Springs Fruit Farm in Aspers, Pa. Over the weekend I made a waffle recipe that called for apple sauce and one of my favorite farmers market recipes from this past season was our gluten-free Apple Spice Coffee Cake. So many uses for the beautiful fruit we call an apple. 

I just wanted to show a little gratitude for the humble apple and even more importantly for this beautiful region of our country that I get to call home and for all the farmers who grow all these wonderful apples! South central Pennsylvania is a very abundant and delicious place to live.