Adventure Ideas: Knoebels

Recently, my family took a day trip adventure to Knoebels, an amusement park in the mountains of Elysburg, PA. This was such a fun trip for the whole family that I had to share it with you and share some tips and tricks! 
Admission is free but you have to pay for the rides. If you have someone with you who doesn't want to ride a lot of rides, you don't have to buy a day pass. You can purchase a booklet of tickets for as little as $20 to spend on individual rides! 
There is food available at the park, but I recommend a packed lunch; there are a lot of picnic tables to use. However, you can't pass up on the french fries for an afternoon snack! They're just too good!
If you have young kids and are bringing a stroller, load it up with snacks from home and your own water bottles (it is allowed)!
If you are traveling or wanting to spend a few days here, you are in luck!
There are camping spots and a bed and breakfast to stay in overnight! 
Knoebels has something for everyone and is the perfect way to spend a weekend with those you love!
Let us know if you take an adventure to Knoebels @tuckercobakery