5 Days in St. Croix

A few months ago, our team member, Jess, took quick adventure to St. Croix. With the weather staying cold and windy, we wanted to take a mental vacation and talk about this warm and sunny adventure!
Over the four and a half days spent in St. Croix, Jess and her husband enjoyed delicious food and coffee, gorgeous scenery, fun hikes, and more!
During their first full day, Jess and her Husband grabbed coffee at Twin City Coffee House, shopped at Eden South for souvenirs, toured Fort Christiansvaern, and finished off the day with fresh brick oven pizza made right by their seats! 
Day two began with a stop at the Farmers' Market for fresh juice, fruit, and lunch. They then tried out a new cafe, Caroline's Breakfast for french toast and coffee before exploring Annaly Bay. Hiking to Annaly Bay was rewarded with a relaxing dip in the tide pools and amazing view! Nachos from Tap Deck Bar & Billiards topped off their night!
Breakfast at Toast Diner kicked off day three. Later, Jess and Joel hiked around the Jack and Isaac Bay Preserve Trailhead for a relaxing day with the ocean breeze. For dinner, they headed over to El Leon
Day four was spent relaxing at Rainbow Beach and ended with a fancy dinner at Savant.
On their last day, Jess and Joel toured a botanical garden that was previously a sugar plantation. Then, they grabbed tacos at Chupacabra Tacos before hopping on the plane!