Back to school snack ideas

The back to school season is here! If you are looking for snack ideas to send with kids or just need some new snack ideas for yourself, you came to the right place! We listed our top 5 snacks to get you through busy days!

1. Of course we have to include our very own Tucker&Co. Granola. It makes for the perfect topping on yogurt or smoothies but is also good just by itself!

2. Next up we have these no bake oatmeal protein bars that are gluten-free and refined sugar-free! They are a fun and healthy take on classic granola bars! 

3. What's back to school without apples? Try topping apple slices with almond butter or sunflower butter and granola!

4. Fruit and veggies skewers can be a fun and organized way to enjoy your favorites fruits.

5. We love Good Thins gluten-free crackers. Pair these with cheese of your choice for a salty snack.