Creative ways to enjoy our granola.

Everyone knows the classic ways to eat granola, but we challenged ourselves to come up with new ways to enjoy our granola; another adventure for us here at Tucker&Co. Here are a few ways to eat our granola that you might not have considered before!

Have you ever tried putting some granola in baked goods for a slight crunch and new vibe to old recipes? Breakfast is always better with some granola so why not put it in your pancakes or muffins? Try breaking up some Holiday JOY in your next batch. 

You can eat our granola as cereal! Just pour whatever milk your heart desires over a bowl of granola for the perfect healthy, sustaining, and quick breakfast! Both our paleo granola and oat granola varieties are perfect this way. Want to try them all? Order a variety pack today. 

Another fun variation would be to put the granola over a good hearty salad! Our paleo granola is the perfect crunch and new addition to your spring and summer salads. Try crumbling some Summer Vibes over your next fresh salad! 

Top off your apple slices with some nut butter and granola! It can be fun to switch up classic snacks like apples and nut butter! This fruit version of nachos would be great with some Adventure granola sprinkled on top.

We have all seen granola topping off a smoothie bowl or a parfait but have you ever considered putting some granola on dairy free vanilla ice cream with some fresh berries! This is such a good dessert for the warmer months approaching! We highly recommend trying this with some of our Nuts & Seed Granola.

We challenge you to show us your creative ways to eat our granola! Be sure to tag us in any new creations or even the ones we listed here @tuckercobakery.