Date Lady Date Syrup is the BEST.

I’ve been using date syrup for a few years now and it’s a great sweetener for our baked goods, smoothies, and you guessed it, granola! Although the main sweetener for our lines of oat and paleo granola is locally sourced honey, both have a bit of date syrup. The additional date syrup adds a deeper, richer flavor and is a nice complement to the honey flavor. 

Why date syrup you ask? Date syrup not only adds great flavor, it’s an unrefined sweetener made of just dates! Unlike sugar, it contains a lot of beneficial vitamins and minerals and is among the lowest sweeteners on the glycemic index, meaning, your blood sugar doesn’t spike like it would with refined sugars.

BUT guys, the Date Lady company makes more than just date syrup! I recently discovered their delicious BBQ Sauce and it’s the sauce I didn’t know I needed. Traditional BBQ sauces contain a lot of hidden sugars and since moving to the refined-sugar-free nutritional plan, I wasn’t able to have BBQ sauce. But, this BBQ sauce is the perfect replacement and is just delicious! I recently had some on a pulled pork sandwich made with Little Flower Farm pork and McGrath’s Bakehouse sourdough bread. They also make a killer Coconut Date Syrup (kinda like a caramel sauce). Ice cream anyone?!

Even better news, try some for yourself! Order their new refined sugar free sauces or grab yourself a bottle of date syrup to use at home and SAVE 15% your whole order by using the code “TCB” at check out (one code use per customer).

Check out their BBQ Sauce:

Check out their Coconut Date Syrup:

To learn more about the benefits of dates and the date syrup we use, check out this blog written by the folks at Date Lady: