Day Trip to Lancaster

This past week, my family took a day trip up to Lancaster to have some quality time together. Our first item on the agenda was exploring the Children's Museum. The kids got the explore the museum which is set up like a science factory. Our favorite activities included rolling around on a spinning top chair, folding aerodynamic paper airplanes, exploring (and getting lost in) a mirror maze, crawling around a jungle gym, and creating huuuge bubbles!

Afterwards, we walked around the shops in Lancaster on Queen Street. We of course had to stop in Sweetish Candy which has all sorts of unique and colorful sweet treats. I also appreciate how the name is a pun on "Swedish Candy." The kids had a blast filling a bag with their mixed and matched candy assortment and barely left any for us to try!

It was nice to spend quality time together as a family and explore fun places that are practically right in our backyard!