Food Waste & Composting

An important part of our care for the earth and pledge to sustainability is what we do with our food! Not only how we buy, prepare and consume it, but what we do with what is left over. As a bakery cafe that makes various kinds of foods on a daily basis, including our granola, we take our food waste very seriously, and here are some thoughts on how you could too! 

When it comes to managing food waste, one of the best ways to do that is by composting. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proven that feeding soil through composting reduces the impact of wasted food. Among the things I care deeply about, farming is one of them, and the EPA also states that composting helps to improve soil to grow the next generation of crops! Believe it or not, composting also improves local water quality! 

Caring for the earth and the food it gives us not only for the benefit of our own communities, but the world and generations to come is the responsibility and privilege of us all. Whether it's for a restaurant/cafe, a household or just yourself, join us in our journey of managing food waste and caring for this crazy cool planet!