Good things take time.

We recently got another large batch of our dried apples. We source these apples from Three Springs Fruit Farm in Aspers, Pa just 20 miles from our kitchen. This batch took a while to get to us for various reasons. Our order timing was off and then they were waiting on their processor (also located in a near by county), who I can only assume was behind in their production times due to Covid related reasons. But I waited, because sourcing the ingredients we can as close to us as possible is important to me. It cuts down on food transportation pollution, it puts money back into our local economy, and it allows me to support friends, businesses, and farms I know and love. Thank you for your support of Tucker&Co. which allows me to do this! 

While we were waiting, we ran out of the dried apples completely which we use in our paleo Adventure granola and Almond Cinnamon Apple oat granola. And instead of ordering a bag of dried apples from a wholesaler across the country, I chose to support another local orchard who I knew had similar dried apples and hand cut them for our recipes. This was both more costly and time consuming, but sometimes good things take more time and as I said sourcing our apples, which grow abundantly in Pennsylvania, as locally as possible matters to me.

But lessons were learned with this experience. Next time I won't wait so long to place my next order and hopefully won't run out before getting the next batch! This experience also has me reflecting on some other areas of my life and business where good things just take more time. And that's ok. I hope this little story can serve as a reminder to you and a piece of encouragement as you wait for good things in your life that may be taking longer than you expected or desired.