Granola vacation: Oat edition

Summer is the perfect time for adventures to new places! A few months ago, I shared a fun adventure idea to Ohio that would pair well with our Paleo Granola. It was only fair that I share another adventure idea, but this time, one that would pair nicely with our Oat Granola! For this vacation idea, travel to Watkins Glen, New York

Located right on Seneca lake (one of the finger lakes), this area has many outdoor activities to offer. Between the lake, the woods, and the waterfalls, it is the perfect place to connect with nature and relax! 

For your first adventure, head over to Watkins Glen State Park for one of the most beautiful hikes on the east coast! You will encounter a whole bunch of waterfalls and get a good workout in! 

Next, jump on a boat and cruise around the lake! Grab a bowl of oat granola and watch the sunset to wind down your day!

Finally, every Friday evening in May-October, there is a farmer's market. Pick up some fresh produce and enjoy the outdoors! 

After all that adventuring, you'll surely be hungry! The Holy Cow Meat Market & Deli has sandwiches and salads perfect to fuel up after long day outside. Don't forget to snack on some oat granola too!

For a fun place to stay, check out this unique tiny home just outside of the town!

If you decide to take this adventure make sure to show us how it went! Tag @tuckercobakery and don't forget your granola!