Granola vacation: paleo edition

Summer is quickly approaching and everything is turning green! As the weather gets warmer, we get more excited to find new adventures and places to visit. Lately we have been inspired by our very own granola flavors and decided to put together some trips that fit each vibe.

First up, we grouped Summer Vibes and Adventure granola because they share a similar hiking, summer, outdoorsy vibe. 

Based on this “criteria” the first adventure that comes to mind is located right outside Columbus, Ohio in Hocking Hills. This beautiful area will surely bring you in touch with nature with its beautiful scenery. There are tons of caves, waterfalls, and hiking experiences that are perfect for satisfying your need for a new adventure. 


Head over to The Cliffs at Hocking Hills for the most serene experience! This renovated 1920s house is decorated impeccably and is located right at a waterfall and pool. Staying here would be a once in a lifetime experience! 


For a food option check out The Hungry Buffalo. They have cool salads, steaks, and fun sandwiches (and you can even try out axe throwing like we mentioned in a previous blog)!


If you need a weekend getaway soon, head over to Hocking Hills for their Wildflowers and Waterfalls Hike on April 24th to get into the spring spirit!


If you decide to take this adventure make sure to show us how it went! Tag @tuckercobakery and don't forget your granola!


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