Granola Video BTS

We have been working on making our Tucker&Co. Granola video for almost nine months. While that may not seem like a long time, the process of shooting footage, editing and the whole creative process to get it perfect takes time, but certainly worth the wait. We’re excited to share it with you soon, very soon! 

We started shooting different scenes last fall and finished shooting in February. It was a lot of fun to plan a video to share the values and stories behind our company. And it was very exciting to feature some of our local suppliers and customers, as well as some natural views of our region. In the video you’ll see scenes shot in front of The Alexander House (the location for our future bakery cafe), at the local Simpson Park, Pinchot Park, Three Springs Fruit Farm, The Smith Steiner B&B, and more. You might see some familiar faces in the video. Our family is in it, along with our friends and suppliers Ben and Greg, my sister-in-law, our loyal customers/market friends Meg and Jeff, and a few strangers who volunteered to help out. To record each scene, it was most fun being out in nature, hiking around, setting up camp, and building a fire. Sharing this new, fun project with close family and friends and supporters and business partners made it that much more meaningful.

The film company we used for the project is Sleek Media. They were great to work with, very detail-oriented, and produced an awesome final product. We can’t wait to share it with you! We’ve got a teaser coming out Father’s Day and the full video will be released July 4th! So be on the lookout!