If Tucker&Co. were a....

I recently came across a video in which someone used objects, foods, and places to represent themselves (if they were a place, a drink, a food, etc.). I was intrigued by this concept and pondered what Tucker&Co. would be as each of these things... 

First up, what would Tucker&Co. be if it were a place? I think this would have to be coastal New England. Think Cape Cod style homes, cool breezes, beautiful days to adventure to the beach or hike in the woods; feels about right for our vibe! 

Next, I wondered what we would be if we were a drink. I would have to say fresh fruit smoothies or fresh pressed juice. I love to use local fruits to make both of these drinks!

I had a hard time picking what we would be if we were a food; granola is the obvious choice, but thats more of a snack. I think, as a whole, Tucker&Co. would be a vegan Oat Chocolate Chip Bar. I think it represents both the bakery and the granola sides of the company! It is also the perfect snack to take on adventures!

If we were a song we would be "Crowded Table" by the Highwomen. I think these lyrics say it all: "I want a house with a crowded table and a place by the fire for everyone." I hope that the cafe can be a place for everyone, just as the song says.

I wanted to throw in a flower as well... I think Poppy's best represent us! They're so beautiful and whimsical!

Finally, what would we be as a season? Tucker&Co. would most definitely be summer! We began by selling baked goods and granola at farmers' markets that open in the summer! I love working outside on beautiful summer mornings sharing coffee and treats with all of you!

What would you be if you were each of these things?