Lancaster Staycation

Pennsylvania winters can be tough with the darkness and the cold, and you know we love a good PA adventure here at Tucker&Co. So to kick off February with some excitement and change, we had a quick staycation in Lancaster with some friends! 

Lancaster really got into the Valentine’s day spirit…they had awesome valentines sold by Lancaster Penn Square Rotary as a fundraiser that hung up around the town; such a cool way to spread love and joy around the city. I think Dillsburg should get in on this next year to cheer up the brisk winter!

We began the trip at the Lancaster Central Market, picking up lunch and snacks for our hotel stay. We ran into our friend Lauren at the J B Kelly Seafood stand and had a great time catching up. Then we checked into our hotel to spend the weekend lounging by an indoor pool at the DoubleTree Resort celebrating a three year old’s birthday and forgetting it was only 20 degrees outside! After the birthday weekend, we spent some time checking out the Lancaster Whole Foods, grabbing lunch before heading back home.  

In our down time, we hung out as a family in the hotel room to watch the Olympics while snacking on Adventure Granola, spent some much needed quality time with our friends, and just enjoyed the moment and relaxed. It was a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

This trip really solidified how important it is to take the time to make plans to be with the people you love. Small trips, quick chats to catch up, and quality time can be the rest and adventure your brain and body need.