Making Waves Together

At Tucker&Co we like to say, "let's move mountains and make waves." While being symbolic of the brand and our desire for adventure, the phrase "make waves" has many metaphorical implications for life as well.

In the realm of goals and progress, imagine an ocean and the way a wave forms. The water is constantly moving, ebbing and flowing, when suddenly, a wave appears. It builds and builds, before crashing on the shore where it is then pulled back into the body of water. The wave never returns to exactly where it started, but it has successfully served its purpose.

Making progress on our goals is like a wave crashing. We have ideas flowing around in our brain and suddenly, one appears that we latch onto and grow. Our goal becomes some iteration of that original idea. We slowly chip away at our goal. Eventually, we reach a point where our progress towards that goal is at its zenith.

When our "wave" crashes, we must learn to resettle and navigate new, uncharted waters. No matter the goal, we often find ourselves changed and taken to new heights. When our goals transform us, it is hard to go back to the person we were beforehand, much like how the wave does not have the ability to undo its crashing and maintain permanently still waters.

Progress towards goals comes in waves as well. I often remind myself that I have to start somewhere. For me, the little wave that started this big dream of mine was my almond cranberry granola - it was the first granola I sold at farmer's markets. Now, here I am (many waves later) with a community that I am grateful to have alongside me as we make waves together!