My favorite podcasts: Recommendations

If you know me, you know how much I love listening to podcasts. They are the perfect way to get new information, ideas, or just have a laugh while you are on the go or too busy to read. I enjoy all sorts of podcasts from business to humor to economics to food; each one inspires me in different ways. In fact, I love these podcasts so much, I thought I'd share some with you! 

1. Goal Digger- Jenna Kutcher: If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love Jenna Kutcher's podcast, books, and other products. She is a social media guru, entrepreneur, and mom, so it is super interesting to listen to her expertise on a lot of things.

2. The Sporkful- Dan Pashman: This funny podcast talks about food and the people who eat it. If you love food and want to learn more about culture, history, science, and more, this podcast is for you!

3. How to Save a Planet- Alex Blumberg: This is a podcast about climate change and what it's going to take to save the planet from it. Listening to this podcast will surely leave you feeling inspired to make a change.

4. Radio Cherry Bombe- Kerry Diamond: This one is about women in the food/restaurant industry which is right up my alley! While you might not be in the food industry yourself, it is super interesting to hear from all the different chefs, bakers, and entrepreneurs featured on this podcast.

5. Freakonomics- Stephen J. Dubner: An economics podcast asking interesting questions and critically thinking about societal problems. This podcast covers a lot of topics and will always make you think!