My top picks after surviving another winter.

Those who know me know that winter is not my favorite season. It can be hard to feel motivated in the endless cycle of dreary, cold, dark days but finally, we have made it to spring! In honor of the spring solstice on Sunday, here are my top five items that helped me survive this winter!

  1. To start off, here is a book that really helped me get through the tough days. “A Rhythm of Prayer: a Collection of Meditations for Renewal '' edited by Sarah Bessey is the perfect way to recenter yourself and find perspective. 
  2. Comfort food is always a must have in the middle of a long winter so I picked up the new cookbook by Rachel Mansfield, “Just the Good Stuff.” I loved trying out new recipes and our family has really enjoyed the simple gluten free waffles that were part of her vegan chicken and waffles recipe. 
  3. Winter is so dry and lip balm is a must to heal those chapped lips! My favorite remedy is the Lip Balm from Honeybee Friendly. You can get some of your own by tracking down Honeybee Friendly at Farmers on the Square in Carlisle or at local shops like Talking Breads and 6ix North!
  4. Every now and then, the winter weather is perfect for a quick hike to center yourself with nature and get some fresh air! I recently purchased Forsake hiking boots from United By Blue and they work wonders for a brisk winter hike!
  5. My continued hot tip for enjoying any season is using Insta Cart for delivering my groceries! Use this link to save $10 off your first order! 

I hope you might find something on this list helps you enjoy next winter more but all these things are great the whole year through! Go ahead and treat yourself.