New year, new adventures

As we near the end of January, I would like to reflect on new beginnings. Whether 2022 was your best year or worst one yet, 2023 is a blank slate, a fresh start, and a new adventure. While some things carry over into the new year, new opporuntuties also arise. This year, I asked myself, what do I enjoy and how can I have fun? Upon further reflection, I decided to live 2023 with no pressure creating, restoring, and exploring; the things I enjoy and have fun doing. 
I have found that I put pressure or stress on these three things, and they are no longer as enjoyable. To combat this, I decided that I will bake something new each week, restore something each month, and visit a new city each year. It seems simple enough, but I am sure it will take intentionality and patience. 
So far, I have baked orange chai cookies, chocolate cake, and citrus glaze. I'm planning to restore a bench for the bakery cafe. I would love to check out Richmond Virginia this year, but stay tuned for what we decide!