New Year - New Gluten Free You??

As we settle into this new year, even the non-Type A among us are thinking about setting goals, making new commitments, or in some other way capitalizing on the fresh start that is a "new" year. I (Heidi) definitely fall into the Type A group so it feels like I'm constantly making lists and setting new goals. 

However, the last handful of years instead of coming up with some new "New Year's Resolutions", I've chosen a "word of year" for each year. I believe this helps me focus on a theme or more general tone/practice instead of making hard fast rules for myself. For the year 2022 (since it feels like a very big year in a lot of ways) I have actually chosen two words to keep front and center in my life. Fun and Grace. I made a post over on our Instagram page @tuckercobakery, explaining in more detail why I chose these particular words. Please go check that out if you are interested and be sure to follow us on Insta. All I want to say here is that if you are setting New Year's Resolutions or goals this year concerning your health, diet, or nutrition, I want to suggest choosing a word to focus on for the year instead of trying to come up with specific rules to follow or goals related to sizes or numbers on the scale. Words like nourishment, wellness, peace, self-care, and sustainable come to mind as possible "words of the year" if you have goals to improve your health in 2022. 

No matter how you choose to set goals or intentions or move in a new direction this year, I hope that we here at Tucker&Co. Granola can be a part of your tool box in building a healthier you. May we nourish and delight you with our gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free granola, and may you feel well in 2022.