Pin-spiration from Tucker&Co

If you often find yourself crafting the perfect Pinterest life for yourself, we have a place for you to direct your earnest scrolling - our Tucker&Co Pinterest account! On it, you'll find granola, lifestyle, and "get to know us" info to keep you in the loop on our favorite adventures and recipes.

At Tucker&Co, we are always chasing the next adventure. We long for the days where we're moving mountains and making waves. If you feel the same way, you should check out our "Pennsylvania Adventures" Pinterest board. Here, we curated several breathtaking locations in PA that are only a few hours away proving you don't have to leave the state to experience something new and exciting! Of course, we have included Philly and Pittsburgh, but other must-sees include Spring Mills, Bushkill, Wellsboro, and Coudersport!

Scroll far enough back and you will find bakery content from before the bakery café dream fully came into existence - meaning before our bakery café opened its doors in Dillsburg. Many of these "historic" pictures of granola and baked goods were taken at either farmer's markets or in my home kitchen, whereas now pictures are taken in the bakery café! It's fun to look back at our digital scrapbook and in turn, the story our brand has been telling through social media.

The evident evolution of Tucker&Co on our Pinterest shows how far we have come while remaining true to our mission - providing you with food that is both delicious and nutritious.

Connect with us in a unique way by following our Pinterest account for granola good vibes! We look forward to chasing the next adventure with you as we all  make our Pinterest dream lives a reality!