Reflection upon returning from vacation

As you might have seen me share on Instagram, we have just returned from a family beach vacation. We have been going to the beach with my mother’s side of the family every summer since before I was born. It is one of my most favorite traditions. Being on the coast, spending time with family and escaping the day to day work at home. 

Sometimes returning home from vacation can be hard. Vacation, though fun and joy-filled, can be very tiring and it has only gotten more tiring during these years of parenting young children. But I also appreciate the new perspectives coming home from vacation can bring. 

I have found that these “new perspectives” can go one of two ways. I notice things about my home life that are just ridiculous and need to be changed right away. Things I can no longer tolerate remaining the same. A silly example being the reusable foaming hand soap dispenser next to my kitchen sink. It has been broken for months making it take a lot of effort to press the dispenser down putting a strain on my wrist. I need to just buy a new one instead of continuing to injure myself every time I need to wash my hands (which is very often!). There may be even more significant changes that I notice in the coming days that need to be made.

The second category of “new perspectives” I notice upon returning from vacation are fresh perspectives of gratitude. I am grateful for all the big and small things that make my home my safe space. My bed, my kitchen, my backyard, my shower, the privilege of having a space I call home, it all feels special again.

I also find myself noticing all the opportunities and features of my small town again with fresh eyes. Sometimes it's not just the adventure itself that changes your point of view but returning to your home after some time away can offer a chance to grow. 

So adventure on and remember to take some time to reflect on our you and your home have changed or need to change once after your travels.