Road Trip Reflection

As we defrost from a chilly winter, we look ahead to all the adventures that warmer weather will bring. For my husband and I, we are anxiously awaiting our upcoming road trip to the Pacific Northwest for a ten day National Park adventure! (The road trip starts once we touch down in Portland, OR - we are not driving cross-country!)

Looking ahead to this road trip has me reflecting on my longest road trip, road trip survival tips, and other tidbits.

Several years ago, my husband Isaac went on tour with the band Abel from New York. The regular drummer for the band was doing a summer internship, so Isaac stepped in which led to the longest road trip we have ever gone on. In the span of a month, we drove in a 10 passenger van from New York to California, down the coast, then back east to Florida, ending up back in New York when everything was said and done. I tagged along to sell band merch and assist as needed.

In more recent years, we have road tripped to the beach and other places along the East Coast. Bethany Beach this past September was our most recent adventure.

My road trip essentials include snacks, tunes, podcasts, and frequent bathroom breaks for the kiddos.

One of the hardest parts about road trips for me is finding food I can eat - so snacks are a must. Our Tucker&Co granola is super transportable and easy to snack on during long legs of the journey. For a travel tip with kids, divide portions into smaller containers ahead of time to avoid the hassle of divvying it up en route. 

To stay entertained for a long drive, groovy tunes keep my mind off the miles ahead of me. If you put me in charge of aux, you can count on me to play "Beautiful Things" by Benson Boone on repeat. When the tunes tire me out, I switch to podcasts to break up repetitive beats and monotonous melodies. Any form of business podcasts, women led empowerment podcasts, or food podcasts will do!

Road trips are so rewarding because I love seeing new places with Isaac and the kids, keeping an open schedule to do whatever seems fun for the day, and checking out new-to-us small businesses across the country!