Slow Sundays with Tucker&Co. Granola

Sunday mornings have been slower (well as slow as they can be with kids) for us since Covid hit the world but we are not complaining, instead trying to cherish the moments.

We used to be rushing off to Sunday School and Church, and by the time we got back from all of that it felt like half our day was gone. And it was another morning where it felt like there just wasn't enough time. Grab a slice of toast and run out the door! 

This morning I enjoyed a bowl of granola with fresh local peaches and homemade almond milk, drizzled with sourwood honey from HoneyBee Friendly. I shared it with my littlest love. And really took the time to enjoy it. 

How do you do Sunday mornings these days? Is it slower than before? What have you been taking time to enjoy?

And how do you like your granola? I'd love to hear from you!