Summer adventure ideas

There is nothing quite like a fun summer outdoor adventure on a day off; but planning where to go and what to do can be overwhelming. To narrow down the options and offer some inspiration, here are five adventures you can do just about anywhere (and the granola we would pair with each activity)!
First up, hiking of course! Be sure to grab a bag of Adventure granola to snack on while you trek up the mountains.
Stargazing is one of the most relaxing and serene experiences! Take some Holiday Joy granola with you for a healthy desert to finish off your evening!
Going for a bike ride on a cool summer morning or warm summer night will take you back to simpler days. Eat some Summer Vibes granola fuel the bike ride!
If you live close to a lake, grab some beach blankets, a good book, and some apple slices topped with Nuts and Seeds granola for a quick snack.
(PA option: Fuller Lake)
Last but not least, wake up early one morning and go watch the sunrise! Pack some smoothie bowls topped with Almond Cherry granola for your breakfast. Finish the day by watching the sunset if you're feeling extra adventurous!
(PA option: Pine Creek Gorge)