Summer Vibes is back!

The summer vibes are slowly arriving and we say bring 'em on! The sun is shining a bit brighter, feeling a bit warmer, and staying a bit longer. As we get ready to fully embrace all of the summer adventures that await us, we’re stoked to once again welcome back our Summer Vibes seasonal granola.

We make and sell our Summer Vibes Granola from May to October, because we’re all about extending that carefree summer vibe as long as we can! Our Summer Vibes granola flavor is also one of our paleo granolas, meaning it is made with all grain-free and refined-sugar-free ingredients. All of our paleo granolas are a bit chunkier which makes them perfect for eating straight out of the bag for a beach or lakeside snack. You could also top your favorite yogurt with it or enjoy it in a bowl with your favorite milk. 

Summer Vibes' main ingredients are almonds, pecans (new!), sunflower seeds, shredded coconut, dried blueberries, and it is sweetened only with honey and a bit of date syrup! Summer Vibes is an easy, fun, healthy and sustainable snack for all of your summer adventures. Grab a bag or two and join the Summer Vibes party.