The ingredients matter – natural sweetener in dates!

The ingredients matter – natural sweetener in dates!

For each batch of granola, and in all our baked goods, we use thoughtfully selected ingredients from suppliers that have the same passion and values of health and the environment as we do!

Our date syrup supplier, Colleen Sundlie out of Missouri, has been selling date products without additives, gums or preservatives since establishing her business Date Lady in 2012.

Dates are nature’s candy! Using natural sweeteners are better for your health and provide nutritional benefits that refined sugars don’t.

We asked Colleen, Chief Date Aficionado and Founder of Date Lady, three questions to share a little bit about their products, herself, her business, and her commitment to simple, healthy ingredients.

What did you want to be as a child and how did that transition to where you are now?

I was always interested in business as a child; I could play Monopoly for hours on end. I also had an interest in food and health from a very young age. I spent many years working in advertising and
marketing, but never very much in the food industry until launching Date Lady.

What is something unique you do behind the scenes that others would not expect?

I love to have conversations with our customers and enjoy responding directly to their questions and comments. I also spend a lot of time in our home kitchen working on recipes! Lots of food products are masterminded in food "labs" of sorts these days, but because of our commitment to simple ingredients, the home kitchen really is our most inspirational environment.

What is special to you about your work that others might not know/you want others to know?

I love the stories we hear of kids on extremely specific diets that can eat our products (and love them!) with no ill effect. Or from people who have replaced all processed foods and white sugar with simple ingredients that include our products and how it has positively affected their health.

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