Things I've been loving

In honor of Valentine's Day (even though we are a little late!), I wanted to share some things I've been loving lately and recommend!
One of our new cafe products is Wild Bay Strawberry Lavender Kombucha! I love how refreshing and sweet it is- it tastes like summer! Wild Bay is based in Baltimore and donates 1% of their total sales to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.
Speaking of the cafe, I just finished deep cleaning our gorgeous staircase. Fun fact, I will buy a house just for the staircase! I mean… just look at that character in the picture above!
Plants just make me smile, so I love to buy more! I have bought some plants for our cafe recently, including a fiddle leave fig, but I definitely plan to get some more!
Last but not least, I love, love, love the Magnolia Journal (no matter how cheesy it might seem). It always seems to be preaching just what I need to hear each quarter of the year!
What have you been loving lately? Let us know by tagging us @tuckercobakery