Four days in Puerto Rico

Last week, my husband Isaac and I traveled to Puerto Rico for a quick four days! 

After our flight on Sunday, we ran to the beach as soon as we could after landing and checking in! We spent the rest of our first day basking in the sun and relaxing.

On Monday, I took a solo trip to the beach and wow was the ocean blue (reference the picture above)! Both Monday (when not at the beach) and Tuesday I spent a lot of time by the pool while Isaac was at work. I read Jenna Kutcher's new book, How are You, Really?: Living Your Truth One Answer at a Time and did some work on my phone. 

Monday and Tuesday nights we went into Old San Juan for dinner. Monday we ate at La Madre, I had the Tequila Orange Shrimp. Tuesday, we grabbed some popsicles at Sr Paleta! I had the Pineapple Papaya flavor and it was refined sugar-free! We finished both nights with hot tea for me and a latte for Isaac at Café Cuatro Estaciones, a cute outdoor cafe.

We started Wednesday off at Café Comunión; I had a matcha oat milk latte! Before heading for the airport, we ate lunch at Lote 23, an outdoor food court, and stopped by the San Juan National Historical Site. This national park includes some forts, the San Juan gate, and city walls! 

Puerto Rico is such a beautiful place and it is always a joy to be back there!