Updates on the Alexander House

Tucker&Co. is a business that was born in my very own kitchen and has grown so much that it needs a new home! Back in the fall of 2020, we bought the Alexander House to be the new home of Tucker&Co. Bakery and Granola. Since 2020, we have made a lot of progress on renovating and restoring this beautiful property to welcome you!

Some of our most recent changes have been to the outside of the house! As you can see above, we are close to finishing the front porch, thanks to Kipe Carpentry. The floor, ceiling, and pillars have been replaced and the brick got a fresh second coat of lime wash! We have also given the rest of the house a coat of lime wash. Some of our replacement windows have been installed and we are having a few windows restored for the front of the house. There has been some progress in landscaping, including a gingko tree on the sidewalk for some curb appeal and shade in the future! 

As for inside, we have done lots of painting, restoring and shopping! We've recently bought some kitchenware, including a huge mixer to make larger batches of baked goods and granola! Be on the look out for the gorgeous vintage cups and plates we bought when the bakery opens! We have also found some gorgeous vintage pieces that will be repurposed for the cafe! On the cosmetic side, some cool tile and paint has been purchased for various spots!

It has come a long way, but still had a long way to go! We can't wait for you to see it!