What's Growing in our Garden

Spring is upon us! All sorts of beautiful things are springing up from the ground, and we are full of joy, excitement and many many sneezes as a result. There is nothing quite like planting, waiting, and watching the result of all your labor and care bloom. We’ve got lots of beautiful things springing up in our garden, and we wanted to share some of that with you! 

I recently planted six American Persimmons in the backyard of our bakery, and I simply can’t wait to see them begin to grow in the next year! While trees take the longest time to grow, the wait is worth it - especially for trees as beautiful as American Persimmons. 

A few other things we’re currently growing are Strawberries and Black Raspberries. Our strawberries are on their second year in a row, and we are so looking forward to incorporating our freshly grown fruit into some of our dishes in our Bakery & Café. What’s growing in your garden this spring?