Why you should shop local

Local businesses are the heart and soul of small towns. They draw in new crowds, visitors, and locals, and entice them to stay a while. Without small businesses, a town can be, well, boring and inconvenient; no one wants to have to drive extra far out of their town to get the products they need! If you are still not convinced, here are three reasons why local small businesses are so important!

1. Shopping small creates new jobs in your local community! The more demand there is for a business or product, the more likely it is that a business will satisfy that need and will inevitably need to hire some (local) help. Those who work in local businesses have higher satisfaction rates because their work has a direct impact on the wellbeing of their community. Also, because small businesses typically have a smaller management team, employees are able to create meaningful relationships with their co-workers and community.

2. Supporting local businesses is good for the economy! Small businesses create a LOT of jobs, in fact, two thirds of new jobs in the United States are created by small businesses. According to the Office of Advocacy, small businesses account for 44% of U.S. economic activity! 

Also, if a small business is successful (from all your local shopping), they will be highly taxed which means more money being put into your community! It also makes properties around local businesses have a higher value!

3. Finally, local businesses tend to be better for the environment. If you are walking or biking into town to do your shopping, you are helping the environment by reducing air pollution. Also, the more businesses using buildings in town allows for other "ecologically safe land" to be persevered and not developed into other businesses. 

Convinced now? Shopping local might seem like no big deal, but it can seriously increase the wellbeing of your town, your neighbors, and yourself! This week, we challenge you to think of one thing you would normally buy online or at a chain store and buy it from local small business instead! Making changes like this each week will benefit you and your community.