Sustainability Efforts at the Bakery Cafe

Monday, April 22nd was Earth Day and at Tucker&Co, caring for the earth through sustainability is one of our core concerns. As operate as a small business, we strive to source sustainable products and work with local growers to promote the well-being of the earth.

We are intentional in our efforts to be sustainable through the following examples and more.

We use sustainable packaging for our to-go orders which includes a multitude of items including the boxes and hot drink cups. Also, the blue straws we use for smoothies and iced drinks are more environmentally friendly than the average plastic straw. If possible, we recycle whenever we can.

Our kitchen goes through a lot of fruits and vegetables, so to put this food waste to good use, we compost it in our backyard garden. (We have a whole blog post dedicated to these efforts!) Coffee grounds also get repurposed for compose as well.

To minimize costs and put our yard to good use, we grow some of our own herbs and ingredients. Part of our backyard is also dedicated to growing a wild flower garden. It is rewarding to use our home-grown ingredients in our recipes.

When we cannot grow our own produce, we buy local ingredients from growers in the area to support what they are doing in the community. We always have local items available for purchase if you peruse our fridges in the café.

Lastly, we buy used equipment and décor when possible. Buying brand new items is not always practical, so we strive to give gently-used kitchen items and furniture a second life!

We ultimately recognize that our little actions compound into large actions in the long-run because what we do today has lasting effects into tomorrow and beyond for the earth!