Where Do Coffee Grounds Go?

Each airpot of coffee, shot of espresso, or French press coffee at the bakery cafe results in leftover coffee grounds. So what happens after we use our coffee grounds to make your choice of hot or iced drink? We want to minimize waste in our café, so we have a metal bin for these coffee remnants and espresso pucks (yes they literally look like a hockey puck!) Our coffee grounds bin gets emptied every few days because it fills up so fast.

Every week or two, my parents take the leftover coffee grounds back to their farm to use as soil fertilizer. At their farm Fileys' Pride, they grow a bunch of awesome produce locally in Dillsburg! Check out their Facebook page here.

Part of Tucker&Co's pledge to sustainability is finding uses for our food and coffee waste. I previously wrote about compost and waste suggestions in a blog post you can check out here. If possible, we encourage you to compost your coffee grounds rather than adding them to your waste!